Natural Methods & Clean Product

We cultivate with quality in mind.

We strive to create the best product by using all natural amendments and enhancers from start to finish!

Our Methods

By using our own mix of fully natural amendments, we are creating a happy life inside our soil. Adding in our beneficial bugs keeps us from using any harmful pesticides.

Our Skills

We have refined our soil recipe over the last 5 years of cultivating in Northern California and are extremely excited to now be able to provide the state with our premium brand!


Natural Amendments

Our dry amendment mixture is customized each year based on our soils needs. Everything used is all natural.


Plant Happiness

Basically....All the plants in town talk about how they wish their home was with Elevated Roots! Our soil is just that great.


Crew Quality

The awesomeness of our team cannot be measured in percentages. But here's our best attempt...

Happy Plants

The extra attention our plants are given shows. The happiness in our plants can be seen by the dark green canopy all summer. Happy plants provide quality product!

Beneficial Bugs

Beneficial bugs are used during flower. This allows us to keep pesticides out of the regiment during these months. Using living bugs to keep our soil culture healthy has proven to keep out the critters year after year!

Amazing Team

Our grow team puts the care and effort into making sure our plants have everything they need through the season. Daily inspections keep the garden safe from pests and molds.

Pass All Tests

There are zero synthetic products used on our garden. All pesticides used are approved by the agriculture department and only applied during Veg. Our products will all test clean guaranteed!


Nevada County, CA