Papaya Cake

Total THC 28.3%
Total Cannabinoids 32.9%

An artist’s closest companion

Papaya Cake is a unique and elegant strain that sprouted from the beautiful matrimony of Papaya and Wedding Cake. An indica-dominant hybrid with sweetest calming effects, though this strain doesn’t always like to color within the lines. Papaya being known for producing more sativa-like effects, and Wedding Cake with its mentally soothing talents, Papaya Cake is the ticket for that steady creative mental flow while still allowing the body to chill and truly relax. This strain is also stellar for easing mental fatigue, depression, and controlling symptoms of anxiety. A slice of this sweet fruity treat bursts with flavors of tropical fruits and well, papaya! A truly tasty smoke matched with a scent of sweet earthy cake pops. Nommms. Not too shabby settling in at 28.3% THC for a little icing on top.

Papaya Cake grew like a champ in our garden with a plant body that reached for the skies and produced the most gorgeous pink and sugary buds. With no special needs and a resilient structure, this strain owned to be the most graceful and prettiest princess in all the land. 

Nevada County, CA