From flower to extracts.

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We pride ourselves on quality from start to finish! All of our strains are grown using our refined organic methods. Each of our products, from flower to extracts, begins in our caring farmers hands. Nothing makes us happier than creating a stable environment for plants to thrive.

Our 4 strains this year are available in several retail locations in your area as well as wholesale through distribution. Reach out for any questions we are happy to help guide you!


Papaya Cake 2.0

Tahoe OG 20′


Big Miracle

EastSide Mac

Tropical Blizzard

Rum Cake

Guava Cake


OCD Miracle

Chem Berry Diesel

Tahoe OG 19′

Cookie Glue

Papaya Cake 19′

GG #4

Royal Nepalese

Purple Mr. Nice

Nevada County, CA