Fully Licensed in California

We currently hold a Type 2 Cultivation License

Premium Flower

We strive to provide our clients with the highest level of premium natural flower. Our product is manicured in house. Fresh frozen product is available with pre-order.

Quality Trim

We properly store our sugar trim at the end of each trim day. Contact our office to find out about our availability.


During the trimming of our flower, our team uses trim trays. These allow us to gather all of the kief from each strain. Let us know you’re interested.

Strain Requests

Do you have a specific strain in mind for your extraction needs? Elevated Roots wants to hear from you. Your request may be the next hot strain we grow!

Distributor/Self Transport Only License

We can deliver our product to the doorstep of a distribution company or manufacturing facility.

Type 2B Cultivation

Our next project is a fully automated light deprivation system. Once open we will have monthly harvests.

Type 6 & 7 Manufacturing

We have an amazing line of products waiting for our facilities to be open. We look forward to getting back on the extraction horse.

Cannabis Cups

We are excited to get back into the festival scene. Look for us as we jump back in the mix.


Look out in the future for our retail locations. A new atmosphere to explore the world of cannabis.

Elevated Roots is the new benchmark.

Now that we have pulled through the process of state and county licensing, we are excited to bring our talent to the cannabis community. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to what lies ahead!

Nevada County, CA